Fully managed,
cloud service

We understand that launching digital fundraising products & mobile apps can be daunting. We make things easy, providing an affordable, fully managed platform that is tailored to your brand and needs.


We want to make automated giving available to as many charities as possible.

An ecosystem that brings good things together

Imagine being able to turn data or events into meaningful stories. With If Give, anything can become a trigger automatically donate. We enable supporters to immediately help people affected by a disaster - hours before it makes the news, raise funds for rescue charities each time a team is tasked or link fans with their sports foundations. Let's explore how your business data to meaningful change.

We put your unique brand and mission in focus

We put your unique brand and mission in the spotlight

Adaptable to your organisation's brand and mission, our mobile apps and web widgets seamlessly integrate with your existing ecosystem, resonate with your audience, and align perfectly with your values. From visuals to messaging and tone, we help to deliver a cohesive and compelling experience for your supporters.

We put your unique brand and mission in focus

Unlocking powerful insights for your team

Monitor the progress of your campaigns to forecast fundraising revenue and better understand how your supporters are engaging with your cause. Integrated reporting provides in-depth insights into your supporters' interactions, behaviours, and contributions, empowering you to optimise your strategies and foster stronger connections.


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